Below is a few of the products that we work with, as well as a description of each.

STATIC CLING-Static cling vinyl is a special formulation of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) to which a large amount of plasticizer (a liquid) has been added. This highly plasticized formulation is exceptionally pliable. The vinyl is calendered to give it a smooth finish. When the vinyl film is applied to a clean, smooth, glossy surface, it adheres firmly without the need for an adhesive.

Because there is no adhesive, application or installation is very easy. It can be removed and re-applied nearly indefinitely without leaving behind an adhesive residue. This makes it ideal for seasonal window graphics, signs, decals, point of purchase applications and protective masking applications.


ADHESIVE VINYL (REMOVABLE)-Removable adhesive is one that is designed to stick to a substrate without edge lifting, that can be removed without damage to either the label or the substrate.While the definition of a removable adhesive is clear and understandable, classifying an adhesive is not so easy. A variety of factors, including the composition of the substrate, the length of time the label is applied, and the conditions the label is exposed to during its life, all affect the performance of an adhesive.

Also, removability is a subjective evaluation that can vary from person to person. In fact, an adhesive that has been formulated to be permanent can function as a removable, depending on the application.While most removables can become permanent over time, there are options for long term repositionability and removability. Call us to help choose just the right adhesive for your application.


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